Guillaume’s Paris – c’est magnifique

This ten-part series travels through all 20 districts of Paris, locally known as arrondissements, showcasing the best of Parisian gastronomy. From boulangeries to brasseries, heaving food markets to secret underground farms, and quaint cafés to Michelin starred restaurants, Guillaume will leave no cobblestone unturned in this unique tour of food, culture, and a taste of history in the city of love.

Director of Blink TV, and Executive Producer, Paul Clarke said, “We set out on this series to capture the cinematic thrill of Paris; a city literally driven by its love of food. We had the concept of revealing the stories and differences between each of the arrondissements (suburbs) of the city, from the 1st arrondissement, the original home of the very first restaurant between the palaces, to the 20th which was a home to exiles, mavericks and artists like Edith Piaf. We hoped we could transport our audience there, remembering some great times they had themselves in the French capital, but also connecting with culture, Guillaume’s innate knowledge of the cuisine, and a bit of the history to help understand how it came to be that way.”

Host, Guillaume Brahimi said, “I was born in Paris, never in all my days growing up in this city would I have imagined that I would make a series where I would take people on a journey through each arrondissement (suburb). No matter what the arrondissement or the craft, I am in awe of so many different artisans. From the artists, the cheese maker, charcuterie, the baker, the brewers, the fruit and vegetable growers and the people who service everything in between, all of them are committed to their craft and to doing it great every day. All these people make Paris what it is, and I hope viewers enjoy watching it as much as I did making it, and more, I hope it will add to their adventures one day.”