Blink return with Series 3 of Plat du Tour as part the coverage of the 2022 Tour de France – this time shot in France!

Renowned French-Australian chef Guillaume Brahimi believes the French know how to live life to the full. They call it Savoir Vivre, and French food culture is the beating heart of the nation.

Guillaume said, “For the first time we are filming the series in France, and I am so happy to be back in my home country. I’m so excited to show you how to find authentic tastes and experiences in France by introducing you to some of the wonderful farmers, producers and artisans across the country.

As we follow the stages and the excitement of the Tour, I’ll be making recipes to inspire and connect you with France and the areas the Tour passes through. This year, I have chosen some very classic dishes, with of course a little Guillaume twist and sometimes a lot of cheese, which I think the audience will be pretty happy about!

Paul Clarke, Director of Blink TV and Executive Producer of Plat du Tour, “Guillaume is a great find for SBS, and we’ve created a show that is very simple: just his great company and some magical cooking and stories from each stage of the Tour. Guillaume has the common touch, and yet he can create dishes which are incredibly fine. I’m sure Tour de France fans and their partners will love his new series.
The irony is he looks like a French First 15 Rugby Forward, yet he can cook the most enchanting food on the planet.”

Plat du Tour, comprises of 21x 4-minute stories, to accompany each of the 21 stages of the Tour de France. Each episode features special guests, and mouthwatering recipes, food & produce from each region the famous race tours through.