Visions of Vienna Concert – SBS Australia

Visions of Vienna on SBS ONE – Monday 25th May, 1pm

The sails of the Sydney Opera House provide a spectacular canvas for a live performance

On Wednes­day 4 February 2015, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s performance of the “Greatest Hits from Vienna” was broadcast live onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House – a first for an Australian professional ensemble. With live sound and the projected performance, the public across the harbor enjoyed the music – as well as those on passing ferries! In addition to projections of the concert, you could also enjoy dramatic artwork and stunning vistas of Vienna.




Blink was briefed to produce a one hour TV special for SBS Australia, along with content for the Vienna Tourist Board. Blink worked with the Opera House’s team, as well as providing crews to shoot behind the scenes, and capture public reactions.

With Visions of Vienna, a long-held problem was solved… how to broadcast what was going on inside the Opera House, to the people outside the Opera House. Get ready to see more of this in the future. Brilliant night!
Sydney Harbour Visions of Vienna Projection


Learn more about the concert at Vienna Tourism’s website

Watch the full concert on Sydney Symphony’s YouTube Channel


Photo Credit: Eddy Gill