Blink TV is proud to have produced the SBS 2021 Upfront

It was that time of the year – time for the SBS Network to unveil its 2021 Upfront. This is a series of presentations put on each year to showcase the network’s upcoming slate, and of course in 2020 this was delivered as a virtual presentation to invited media and advertisers.

With speeches from the network’s key executives and Managing Director, James Taylor, Blink TV was contracted to produce the presentation. Setting it up as a TV show, they used a large immersive style LED wall for content, and with cinematic lighting and camera direction, the presentation had a unique look, leading David Knox from TV Tonight to comment in his article:

“I have to say these exec speeches are handsomely shot by SBS.”

David Knox – TV Tonight

Blink also worked with the executive team on scripting, and shot and produced some bespoke content for the presentation.

The feedback from SBS, the advertisers and media was terrific with SBS proudly showing a the slate full of drama, documentary, food and entertainment.

SBS Studio 2 and the set for the 2021 SBS Upfront
Marshall Heald, Director Television & Online Content at the recording of the 2021 Upfront