A Pang for Brasil – Concludes Monday 9 June, 7:30pm on SBS ONE, Australia

Gorgeous, sexy, bold, passionate, great dancers, love makers and incredible footballers, Brasilians are all those things that Sam wants be.

Walking like a Brasilian may look easy, but for Sam, it may be a case of crawling first. Sam tries to dress, or undress, like a Brasilian, tan and wax like a Brasilian, dance like a Brasilian, workout like a Brasilian, eat like a Brasilian, party like a Brasilian, chat up ladies like a Brasilian, and gesture like a Brasilian; and fails spectacularly along the way.

On his travels from picturesque Rio de Janiero to the mega metropolis Sao Paolo to vibrant party town Salvador, Sam is taken under the wing of a colourful cast of local characters who try and educate him in the finer points of Brasilian culture.

Madonna’s ex-boyfriend Jesus Luz is Sam’s mentor in nightlife, women and sex-appeal, while vivacious comedian Veronica Debom looks after his makeover in a city where appearance is everything. Millionaire businesswoman Cozete Gomes teaches Sam how to shop like a cashed up Brasilian and rapper Criolo schools him in favela life.

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